Friday, November 10, 2023


 We exist online in many forms, please us the resources below to find us, learn about our mission and track our rocks!

We use the hastag #trackrocks on every post.  You must use the hashtag #trackrocks when you post to Facebook or to Twitter!  That's how this all works!!!

Our Facebook Page is:

Our Upcoming YouTube Channel is:

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Here's our QR Code!  Print it out in your preferred size and you can attach it to your rocks.  It links to this blog site.





1.     We HIGHLY discourage hiding rocks in State or Federal Parks as well on any private property without the express permission from the owner.


2.     Do NOT hide rocks inside of grocery stores or any other places that serves or sells food.


3.     You MUST obtain permission from business management or owners prior to hiding rocks inside of any business.


4.     Do NOT hide rocks near rivers, lakes, streams or any other body of water.  At least not within 1000 feet.  This is for safety.


5.     When looking for rocks, please observe and obey any and all Federal, State and Local laws.


6.     If you find a cache of multiple rocks, please only take 1 or 2 at most.


7.     You MAY keep a rock if you find that it holds sentimental value to you.  But we ask that you replace it or hide another rock that you made.  Basically, keep the circulation of rocks going.  Keep them in circulation and add more!


8.     There is NO solicitation or advertising in this group, ever!


9.     Please include the hashtag #trackrocks on your posts!  It defeats the whole purpose if you don’t put the hashtag in your post about your rock.  The hashtag is how the rock is tracked.


10.  Please do not privately PM Admins or Members unless asked to do so in the comments.


11.  Please keep ALL posts related to Track Rocks, the discovery of rocks or the painting of rocks.


12.  All rocks must include the hastag #trackrocks  you can also include the QR code if you want.  If you just include the hashtag, please reference Facebook.




(Last Updated: 11/10/2023)





Find a nice, smooth rock big enough for you to decorate easily.  It should be big enough to paint either the hashtag #trackrocks on the back or print and attach the QR code.


You can use spray paint, enamel paints or paint pens.


Print the QR code (if you want) on paper, use a little paint and stick it to the bottom of the rock. Or, paint the hastag so it’s clear to read.  You can even write the hashtag on with a sharpie once the paint is dry.


Once dry, coat the rock in a clear sealant.  We recommend using Krylon or Rust-Oleum clear top coat spray “paint”.


Allow that to dry, and add another layer if needed.


Pick a place to hide your rock.  Then visit our Facebook page, make sure you’ve joined and post a photo of your rock and use the hashtag #trackrocks.


Remember to follow the guidelines.


Have fun!



(Last Updated: 11/10/2023)




 We exist online in many forms, please us the resources below to find us, learn about our mission and track our rocks! We use the hastag #tr...